Landlord, Tenant or Investor?
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Since 1 April 2018 it has been unlawful for Landlords to let properties with an EPC rating worse than E – or renew or extend existing leases on those properties. With the significant uncertainty around the accuracy of existing EPC ratings, it is estimated that up to 65% of commercial properties are at risk of failing to comply.

This service has been set up to provide Property Stakeholders with a snapshot review of the impact of the MEES Regulations on their subject property:

For Investors: this may identify that the property they are proposing to purchase is a MEES-liability, thus giving the opportunity to pull out or renegotiate a purchase price.

For Landlords: this may highlight a given property within your portfolio which is at risk from a sitting tenant downgrading its EPC rating and impacting the asset’s value.

For Tenants: this may provide a means of resisting rental uplifts, negotiate better lease terms or nullifying your Landlord’s dilapidations claim.

Enter your details here to ascertain your position and formulate your MEES strategy.